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Business Software Applications are Everywhere and Anywhere

It has been a long time, how long? 30, 40 or 50 years that software has empowered businesses of all kinds. Of course, if you consider software as any tool that help humans perform arithmetic or logical calculations then you can travel back in time all the way to ancient civilizations... just think for instance that some believed that the Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world... crazy, right? But even the Mayan calendar, with no microprocessor, had people thinking. It aided the Mayans about when to plant/crop their food and it was (at that time) some kind of an automation tool, just like Microsoft Excel is today for most of us.

Just as it did in the last 20 years, software is always evolving. It went from centralized mainframes to distributed client-server applications and, now, to be in the cloud. But most recently, software has continued to evolve and now, we can also find it at the tip of our fingertips, in our mobile phones, tablets and in the very near future, we will run software business apps in our own television sets.

With this first post at Business Software Applications, we wanted to clarify our scope, our intentions and why we are even posting this today. We are a group of serial entrepreneurs that have worked and still maintain various business operations. The majority of us own or work for small and medium sized enterprises, and for quite some time we have a common theme every time we get together to discuss "business": we are always looking for ways to improve our operations, automate some of our tasks and make our lives easier.

Some of our common meeting themes include: Accounting Software, CRM, Email Server, Website Management, Online Collaboration, Email Marketing, Call Center automation, Social Web, Facebook presence, Twitter, etc, etc, etc... We talk about which software is best for a specific business purpose, which software is no longer competitive and what are the latest trends in order to maintain a competitive corporate Website.

In order to remain competitive and continue to be successful in your enterprise you need to understand Business, Software and the Applications that can make your life easier. And so, we launch this Website to document our journey in the Information Technology territory.

Our first conclusion as a group is that software is everywhere and anywhere. We have even normalized some of the terms that we will be using moving forward in this Website:

1. Enterprise Software: This is the type of software that resides on-premises. You install it in your own servers and you require an IT department to run it, configure it and help maintaining it. Systems that fit this category are: Accounting Software, CRM, Email Exchange Server and Production Planning Software.

2. Desktop Software: Second to the Enterprise Software come the stand-alone software applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point or Lotus Notes. This is software that you install in your own computer and do not necessarily require an IT department to run, unless you have hundreds of computer in your organization.

3. Cloud Computing Software: If having your own IT department and servers is a hassle then you can tune into Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or as they also called it: online hosted software applications. In here, you can find the likes of for CRM or NetSuite for online ERP or the traditional web-hosting applications. Even something as simple as a Blog fits into this category. You do not need to be IT savvy, just create an account, pay for the service and you are on the run!

4. Web-based applications: Or commonly known as Apps, or if you are being specific to a particular brand or device: iPhone Apps or Android Apps or Google Apps. For the most part, Apps depend on the cloud computing software to operate, as they transfer your data to be processed somewhere else. Of course, you may find stand alone Apps that serve specific business functions that may not require the cloud at all.
5. Mobile Apps: There are 2 distinct categories when it comes to Apps. You can have the traditional web application that runs on any computer, desktop or laptop thru a web browser; or you can have the latest web application that runs on mobile devices (such as your mobile phone). The true of the matter is that both will behave differently even for the same SaaS. The traditional web app can do much more things as capacity on your mobile device is more limited (microprocessor, internet access). Even though mobile apps are starting to look very much similar to the traditional ones (in terms of performance); they are still handicapped by the small interface provided by the mobile devices (unless of course you are using a big tablet)

Anyhow software is software and it is present everyday in our lives, even when you are watching TV you are dealing with a software system that runs in your cable decoding box, or probably dealing with a Windows operating system if you have purchased a latest generation 3D High-Definition TV. And as you move from one platform to the next one, software is always following you at work, when you use your mobile device or even when you go to do the groceries. But here, we will dedicate our effort to talk about Business Software Applications. Stay tuned!

Posted on January 02, 2013